Adult & children ski lessons

Children ski lessons


Safe, friendly and fun!

With a lot of fun, skill and imagination your little ones are (from 4 years) taught skiing and cared for in the child-friendly ski lesson all day.

Your children will be in safe hands with our specially trained children’s instructors.
In a safe fun and friendly way, your children will be encouraged to improve their skiing. Our instructors speak a variety of languages such as german, english and dutch.

Newcomers at skiing will be taught the basics of skiing at our learning slope with magic carpet rope tow and other learning equipment. For advanced lessons your child will be requested to do a short ski-off, to ensure that he or she is in a group of the right level and age. Lunch tickets include a hot meal, a drink and midday supervision.

Included in the lesson price

  • Free use of beginners slope, rope tow and magic carpet, learning equipment.
  • Skirace and price-giving with a medal and a certificate for each child.

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Beginner, intermediate or expert, we can offer you the right course! 


We help you get the basics of skiing and enjoy the beautiful slopes in a in a safe and responsible way.


Whether you are intermediate or an expert, all of our courses are on different levels. After a short ski-off, one of our instructors will help you and your classmates get to the next level fast.

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Snowboard lessons


From hype to an Olympic sport!

Whether you are 8 or 80, if you have a sportive, adventurous mind, you are welcome to join one of our snowboard-instructors for lessons. Our snowboard-instructors are well-trained and speak a variety of languages.

Learn to snowboard from the very first beginning or improve your techniques in an advanced group. Our professional instructors will ensure you move up to the next level rapidly and you will be riding every slope you can possibly imagine. We offer group- or privat lessons from the age of 8 years


Freestyle exercises and deepsnow (powder) boarding are taught during group lessons if the group level is suitable. Private lessons offer you the possibility to have an ultimate, rapid learning experience at freestyle.

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Private lessons


If you want a more individual approach in improving your ski-technic, a guided (off-)piste tour, if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert, we've got the perfect private lessons for you!

A private teacher can help you improve specific technics according to your wishes! With your own certified instructor, you can set the improvement goals, choose the terrain, and set the pace of the lessons. This is the way to get undivided attention, and the best personal service there is!

Benefit from the experience and the knowledge of a highly trained private teacher. Alone, with family or friends!

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